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  See 2022 Workshop Schedule as (pdf)
2022 Hourly Schedule See Below

Hourly Schedule (Bristol is Beginner Room)
Thursday: 7pm-??? am: Welcome Dance (Somerset) With JP Potter and Welcome Teach at 8:30pm


8:30am: Jamie Marshall - Zumba (Somerset)

9am: (Friday)

  • Sussex: Rob Holleyi:  You had me at drink (I)
  • Somerset:  John Robinson: Don't Overthink It (Jacques) (IMP)
  • Bristol: Jill Weiss:  Feels So Good (IMP)/ Remember This (Glover) (IMP)

10am: (Friday)

  • Sussex: Tina Foster:  Another One Bites The Dust (Hunt) (INT)
  • Somerset:  Joey Warren:  Color Me Crazy (w/Johnson) (INT)
  • Bristol: Lynne Martino:  Mighty Fine (Vos) (BEG) / Wanna Make U Move (Arroyo) (IMP)

11am: (Friday)


  • Sussex: Debi Pancoast:  Finesse On The Floor (Technique)
  • Somerset:  Jill Babinec: Vulnerable (Murray & Hadisubroto) (INT)
  • Bristol: Cody Flowers: Skeleton Sam (IMP)

 12pm - Noon: (Friday): Lunch Break - On your own

 1pm: (Friday)

  • Sussex: Michael Diven: Deep (Imp)
  • Somerset:  Cody Flowers:  Get What I Want  (w/McEnaney-White) (INT)
  • Bristol: Tina Foster:  She's A Natural (Liberman) (BEG)/Remix Of Love (O'Reilly) (BEG)

2pm:  (Friday)

  • Sussex: Lynne Martino: My First (IMP)
  • Somerset:  R. L. Tick Tock, Tick Tock (INT)
  • Bristol: Joey Warren:Dance with Everybody (Wright) (BEG)

3pm:  (Friday)

  • Sussex:  John Robinson:  Levis In Low Beams (IMP) / G-O-O-D (IMP)
  • Somerset:  Rona Kaye:  The Sphinx (Murray & Hadisubroto) (INT)
  • Bristol: Rosie Multari: When The Night Falls (IMP)

4pm:  (Friday)

  • Sussex: Jill Babinec:  Run Di Road  (Murray & Hadisubroto) (IMP)  
  • Somerset:  Jamie Marshall:  Cyber Swagger  (Whitehouse & McKeever) (INT)  
  • Bristol: Kerry Maus: One Last Look / River Road Dream (BEG)  

5pm:  (on Friday) - Somerset:  (Saturday/Sunday Demo)

6-8pm: Dinner Break (on your own)


  • Sussex:  All Request Beginner/Improver Dance Room w/ DJ Michael Diven
  • Somerset:  Dance Party w/ JP Potter


8:30am:    Rona Kaye: Morning Stretch (Somerset)

9am: (Saturday)

  • Sussex: Lynne Martino: 2-Step Turn (McKeever) (ADV)
  • Somerset:  Jill Babinec: Loud (Furnell & Godden) (INT)
  • Bristol: Jamie Marshall:  5 in 50 (BEG)


  • Sussex: Jill Weiss:  Headphones  (Johnson & Lee) (ADV)  
  • Somerset:  Joey Warren: Night Till Dawn (ADV)  
  • Bristol: Rona Kaye:   Chocolate Melon (Bass) (BEG) / AB Baby (Atkinson) (BEG)  

11am: (Saturday)

  • Sussex: Rob Holley:  Anything Alcohol (IMP)/ Cowboy Stomp Five (IMP) 
  • Somerset:   Debi Pancoast:  Shoes Of Another Man (Szymanski) (INT)
  • Bristol: John Robinson: Fresh Start (IMP)/ Best Night (Jennings) (IMP)

 12pm - Noon: (Saturday): Lunch Break - On your own 

1pm:  (Saturday)

  • Sussex: Kerry Maus:  F.G.T. (Feeling Good Today) (INT)
  • Somerset:  Derek Steele:  Mambo #5 (Machado/Lee) (INT)
  • Bristol: Rosie Multari: Gotta Good Feeling (IMP)

2pm: (Saturday)

  • Sussex: Rona Kaye: Somewhere In The Night (McKeever, Vane & Poulsen) (INT) 
  • Somerset:  Jamie Marshal:  Don't Wanna Lose Control (McElhinney) (INT)
  • Bristol: Rob Holley:  Don't Wanna Lose Control (McElhinney) (INT)  

3pm: (Saturday)

  • Sussex: Tina Foster:  Dim The Light (Glover & Ward) (INT)
  • Somerset:  Joey Warren:  Anything Possible (W/Mather) (ADV)
  • Bristol: Jill Babinec: Storm & Stone (Glover) (BEG)

4pm: (Saturday)

  • Sussex: R.L. Together We Can (w/Kinser, Verhagen, & Barton) (INT)/ Unspoken Words (BEG)
  • Somerset:  John Robinson: Throwing Dirt (INT)
  • Bristol: Cody Flowers: Get It (Glass & Bailey) (IMP)

 5pm:  (on Saturday) - Sussex:  (Special Bonus Workshop)

 6-8pm: Dinner Break (on your own)


  • Somerset:  Show 8:00pm Cartoon Crazy Dance Party w/JP Potter following show Prizes for best costumes.
  • Somerset: After Show Dance Party w/ JP Potter
  • Sussex:  After Show All Request Beginner/Improver Dance Room w/ DJ Michael Diven


9am: (Sunday)

  • Sussex: Rosie Multari: Be Who You Want To Be (INT)
  • Somerset:  Kerry Maus:  Mas Queso (w/Colclasure) (INT)
  • Bristol: Tina Foster:  Broken Stones (Musk) (BEG) / La Cienega BLVD (Ruggiero & Zahorsky) (IMP)


  • Sussex: Jamie Marshall:  W.I.T.C.H. (Blake) (IMP) / Country Touch (Bailey & Whitehouse) (IMP)
  • Somerset:  Joey Warren:  We're Unstoppable (w/Stith) (INT) 
  • Bristol: : R.L. How Will I Know? (BEG)/ Three Words (IMP)

11am: (Sunday)

  • Sussex: Cody Flowers:  6' To 9' (Blevins & Szymanski) (INT)
  • Somerset:  Jill Babinec: Vulnerable (Review) / Loud (Review)  
  • Bristol: Jill Weiss: 23 With Me (IMP)

 12pm:  (Sunday)

  • Sussex: John Robinson:  Booty Pop (Zahorsky) (INT)  
  • Somerset:  Rona Kaye: Double Back (Whitehouse, Madge & Johnson) (INT)  
  • Bristol: Lynne Martino:  Sunroof (McKeever) (BEG) / Mellow Moonlight (Ayers) (BEG)  

Thank You For Coming -- Safe Travels Home --

See You Next Year! October 26-29, 2023